Feels like it's been AGES since Betty & Stevie properly caught up. It must be, because apparently Betty "misses Stevie's face".

Yeah, right!

Betty & Stevie share their experience of receiving the "little prick" - erm, vaccine, and what they're looking forward to as the lockdown lifts.

And …

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How can you capture the mood of a country at war in a documentary?

With a uniquely poetical, musical filmmaking style, artist and filmmaker Prof. Esther Johnson was commissioned by 14-18 Now to create "Asunder" - a uniquely moving and vibrant documentary which interweaves narratives from conflic…

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Len Gibson reads from his collection of poetry, which he’s compiled over the past hundred years of his life. You heard that right, Len Gibson turned 100 years old on the third of January this year.

Len’s regarded as not only a hero to Sunderland, but also a national hero. During the second world…

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"Oh my God. OH MY GOD! It's Betty and Stevie!! [Unintelligible.]"

From across the pond, living in Traverse City, Michigan, meet Mark Whitley - the self-proclaimed number one fan of Speak Up Sunderland. He's listened to every episode of Speak Up Sunderland. No, but for real, every. Single. Episo…

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Meet "Wor Vera", a.k.a. singer Deborah Taylor-Smith, who's donating her time and her voice by performing songs from throughout the decades outside care home residents across the North East.

As care homes across the country are losing lives to COVID-19, Deb, who's studying BA Performing Arts at t…

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Our hosts Betty Ball and Stevie B get together for a call after a really intense week.

Now with his job as a deep cleaner classifying him as a "key worker", Stevie B shares his experience of deep cleaning tower blocks of COVD-19.

It's not all doom and gloom - Betty gets sloshed in the bath,…

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Happy New Year from Betty and Stevie at Speak Up Sunderland!

Together we chat festive memories, play a stupid game, and tell you all about a couple of new projects we're launching next year:

A special first listen to a supercut of our first "Ball's Deep" - where we put Betty through her pa…

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Meet two of the volunteers who take the calls that help save lives, and hear what it's like on the other end of the phone line at the Sunderland Samaritans.

Sandy Shearer and Katie Mitchell share why they're driven to support this important charity, and a bit of behind-the-scenes gossip into the…

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Red Riding Blood. Witches put to trial. The monsters behind the screen. This is the Speak Up Sunderland Halloween Special.

Spooky stories for Halloween, read by 6 members of Spectral Visions Press, a publishing house based at the University of Sunderland who focus on the gothic, horror, and …

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Work on a £11million new music venue in Sunderland's city centre has just begun, alongside the redeveloped Fire Station.

When it opens in 2021, the "Auditorium" promises to be Sunderland's answer to mid-size venues - a 450-seater venue with music and theatre performances around the year. It's pa…

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Speak Up Sunderland is a podcast proudly produced in Sunderland.

Every month, you can join hosts Betty Ball and Stevie B for live podcast recordings, in the Fire Station in Sunderland.

The next event - October 16th, from 7pm.

In September 2019, we held our 1st birthday celebration - marking a wh…

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40 days at sea. 6 metre waves. A diet of 10,000 calories a day. And four men in a rowing boat, battling all kinds of waves, wind and weather to cross the Atlantic.

Meet John Adams - he's taking on a fierce competition called the "Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge". Along with three other cr…

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Cut the cake, put on a "cheap and nasty tat" foam hat, and celebrate our first birthday with us! ONE YEAR OLD, BABY!

Betty, Stevie, and a gathering of local listeners at the Fire Station in Sunderland, reflect back on the first season of the podcast.

We share some of the first season highligh…

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"Every patient is a person, an individual, a human being. And we've got to make sure, no matter what age and how far on they are in their dementia, that they have that dignity right up to the end."

June Ainsley works full time with autistic and special needs children. But due to the help she r…

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"We've done something that the BBC have noticed. That's a pretty big statement, isn't it?" - Stevie B

"I'm proud to be getting out of this car, and being the voice of Sunderland. Big love to everyone who has been a part." - Betty Ball

On Wednesday last week, at 8pm, our friends Betty and Stevie j…

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This episode of the Speak Up Sunderland podcast carries a trigger warning: Our guests talk about attempted suicide, depression, panic attacks, and lived mental health experiences.

Another bumper episode, recorded at our last Speak Up Sunderland LIVE event at The Peacock in April; in collaborat…

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This episode of the Speak Up Sunderland podcast carries a trigger warning: We talk about attempted suicide, post traumatic stress, substance abuse, and mental health issues - with people who have lived mental health experience.

Local inspiration 18-year-old Paige was commended by the Northumbr…

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Meet the Sunderland woman who's working to put herself out of a job...

Alreeet! We're proud to launch a new project as part of Speak Up Sunderland... It's called "Stars of Sunderland".

It's all about highlighting the work of exceptional individuals or organisations in Sunderland that go ab…

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We're back, live from the Peacock in Sunderland city centre on Wednesday, with Sunderland-based singer & songwriter Marty Longstaff (a.k.a. The Lake Poets).

You may know Marty's song "Shipyards" as the title track on the Netflix documentary series "Sunderland 'Til I Die", detailing a difficult s…

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Alreeeet! Welcome to our very first Speak Up Sunderland Live podcast! This is part one.

We're so thrilled to have recorded in front of a live audience - huge thanks to our friends at the Peacock in Sunderland city centre.

Kate Townsend, the Coordinator of the Sunderland Foodbank Network joi…

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Alreet! A bit of a hard-hitting episode from the outset this week.

Craig Hilton, the Manager of the Salvation Army's Swan Lodge Lifehouse in Sunderland, and Deb Fozzard, Director of the Sunderland Connect Network, joined us in the studio to talk addiction and homelessness in Sunderland.

--- …

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Dec. 23, 2018

Holiday Special 2018

Happy Holidays from us at Speak Up Sunderland!

As a present for you, we've made an extra-special, bumped stuffed selection box of an episode, for you to enjoy with your "nog negg". Erm... "egg nog"!

With special thanks to Natalie Dellow of the Sunderland Bid, for making this episode possible, an…

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We might be biased. We think Sunderland is the best place to live in the UK. But, apparently, we're not alone.

According to a recent survey by finance firm OneFamily, Sunderland has been voted the best city to live in the UK if you're under 30 - based on affordability of living, property price…

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Nov. 29, 2018

Cash 4 Calendars

Today, we bring you the "Cash 4 Calendars" campaign!

Speak Up Sunderland host Betty Ball teamed up with Kate Townsend, the Sunderland Foodbank Coordinator, to raise £500 - enough to buy an advent calendar for every kid in Sunderland who depends on the food banks, and would otherwise miss out on th…

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