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This project celebrates the work of exceptional people & organisations in Sunderland.

We all know someone who puts their all into their work day after day - or who goes the extra mile to help out members of their community - or who gives their all to a charitable cause they really care about.

“Stars of Sunderland” is our way of saying “thanks” to those people who go above and beyond, and who deserve to be talked about.

If you would like to nominate someone for our monthly “Stars of Sunderland” project, please click here:

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June Ainsley

Fundraiser for the Delerium & Dementia Outreach Team,
Sunderland General Hospital

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Paige Hunter

‘Notes on the Wear’

Kate Townsend

Kate Townsend

Coordinator of the Sunderland Foodbank Network


Meet the Producer… James Barker

James is our resident reporter. As a freelance journalist, who’s worked with Sky News, Global, and the BBC, he has a passion for storytelling.

He’s heading up our Stars of Sunderland project, celebrating the work of people who make a real difference in our city of Sunderland, and make us proud to be residents of this city.