National Mackem Day

To celebrate National Mackem Day, Betty & Stevie hit the streets of Sunderland with the Mackem Dictionary.

SUS 003 - National Mackem Day.jpg

On Sunday 12th August, it was National Mackem Day - why aye!  To celebrate, we wandered around with the little red phrasebook to find out how many phrases the people of Sunderland know.

Featuring the author of the Mackem Dictionary, Paul Swinney.

And the voices of Joan and George, Daisy and Callum, Pat and Margaret, and our honorary Geordie guest Jess.

It’s great to have a podcast celebrating what’s unique about our area – no one else is going to do it, so it’s up to us to discover and celebrate what we have. The Mackem dialect is one of those special things, and it was a lot of fun to both do the podcast and listen back to it.
— Paul Swinney, artist & writer of the Mackem Dictionary