City Hearts

For survivors of human trafficking, the path to rehabilitation is often difficult. Luckily, there are organisations here to help.

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Today, Betty & Stevie meet City Hearts - a Sunderland-based charity who offer support for survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery; and make a new friend in "Joey", one of City Heart's clients originally from Vietnam.

Get your tissues on standby, as you might this episode affecting.


  • Abigail Harding, Senior Caseworker for City Hearts in the North East.

  • Angela Lang, from City Hearts' Intervention Support Programme.

  • "Joey", who's named himself after the food-loving ladies' character in Friends.

This job can be really difficult, so when we see the local community showing us they care too it makes things so much easier. It was an absolute privilege to be featured on Speak Up Sunderland, and I know it meant so much to ‘Joey’ to get the opportunity to share his thoughts.
— Abigail Harding, Senior Caseworker at City Hearts