Sunderland International Airshow

Commemorating 100 years of the RAF, Betty and Stevie meet a group of young air cadets and visit the North East Land, Sea and Air Museum.

SUS 001 - Sunderland International Airshow.jpg

In this very first episode, Betty & Stevie hoy themselves into Stevie's car (via KFC) to visit the North East Land, Sea and Air Museum in Sunderland, in search of a WW2 plane recreated by a bunch of youths.

What does the Sunderland International Airshow mean to the area?  Will Steve be able to fit into the airplane?  And will Betty get over her Skittles addiction?


  • John Stelling, the North East Land Sea and Air Museums.

  • Flight Lieutenant Brian Adgar, Officer Commanding of the RAF Air Cadets.

  • Jane Gulliford Lowes, Seaburn-based historical writer.

  • Cadet Ewan Todd, Cadet Lewis Dinsdale, & Cadet Corporal Cotrina Maddison from the RAF Air Cadets.